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Webcast: From Possibility to Probability

Webcast: From Possibility to Probability: Intelligence-Based Targeting for Sales and Marketing Productivity

Featuring Jay Gaines, Service Director of Demand Creation Strategies at SiriusDecisions
In this on-demand session, Jim Higgins of BAO and Jay Gaines, Service Director of Demand Creation Strategies at SiriusDecisions, discuss intelligence-based targeting. BAO's Advanced Demand Generation - an intelligence-based targeting strategy gives you the insight to focus on high-value targets, organizations and opportunities; nurture longer-term prospects; and de-prioritize those with no potential. The power to plan, strategize and staff around real opportunities. And the potential to renew focus, increase productivity, optimize territories and accelerate profitability for your organization.

Slidecast: Helping Inside Sales

Slidecast: Case Study — Helping Inside Sales Drive More Opportunities Faster

Learn how one of the world's largest technology providers turned to BAO's Opportunity Identification service to help their inside sales team uncover real opportunities within the mid-market, uncovering 1,700 budgeted IT initiatives which translated to $175 million in pipeline opportunity.

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Public Sector Podcasts

Mike Farrell, chief operating officer at BAO, sat down with Mark Amtower – a nationally known consultant, speaker, author, and radio host who is known as "the Godfather of government marketing" – for a series of podcasts that focus on effective strategies for selling into the Public Sector. Click on the links below to access these brief-but-very-informative audio sessions.

Session 1: Frequently Asked Questions When Selling Into the Public Sector
As one of the foremost experts in selling to the government, Mark fields a lot of questions. In this session, he and Mike talk you through which ones are most important to answer.
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Session 2: Challenges in Selling to the Public Sector
In their decades of experience, Mark and Mike have navigated plenty of challenging situations – both common and uncommon. In this session, they discuss how to best strategize around those challenges in order to be successful.
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Session 3: Secrets to Success in Selling to the Public Sector
In this session, Mark and Mike share the secrets for success in selling to the government – the must-haves, the unwritten rules and unusual approaches that have worked for them.
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If you prefer the written word, download our white paper – "Jumpstart Public Sector Sales Cycles."