Red River Case Study
Increase Revenue in the Channel
Learn how Red River leveraged BAO through channel partnerships to close $1.7 million in new business in the Federal market for a major storage partner.

Information on BAO for Channel

Customized account-level intelligence helps you match the right partners with the right opportunities. Drive revenue – and improve relationships with your channel.

Create an effective, efficient go-to-market strategy for your channel network. BAO provides your channel organization with actionable market intelligence — and the resources that will turn that intelligence into real pipeline.

For any sales team, the strength of its pipeline can make or break a quarter. For channel sales organizations, it’s no different. The more resources, insight, and value you provide to your channel partners, the greater the return for your organization — in revenue and relationships.

At BAO, we help you effectively invest in your channel partners with intelligence and tools to help them generate more business, faster. We offer a range of demand generation services geared toward uncovering real buyers within your partners’ target accounts. Breaking into new markets, ramping up existing territories, or measuring the viability of existing leads — BAO can help with your channel sales strategy.

A partnership with BAO means 24x7 access to a real-time, segmented view of your target market, right at your fingertips, so that you can help your channel partners go to market more intelligently and more effectively to win more business.

We talk directly to the accounts you want to penetrate, conducting live profiles to learn more about their purchasing plans, pain points, and current infrastructure. Then, we score and segment the accounts to weed out the disqualified companies so that you can focus on real buyers. (This intelligence allows you to be more strategic about which partners you put in front of which opportunities — and in turn, how those partners market and sell to those individuals.) And finally, we schedule face-to-face meetings with the “hot” deals to help you and your partner win the business before your competitors do.

Whether for regional or national campaigns, strategic or tactical support, BAO has yielded impressive results for the channel time and time again. Learn more.