Information on BAO for Marketing

Customized, account-level intelligence gets you to the right people with the right message at the right time. Create more targeted, higher quality marketing programs.

In 2011, BAO secured more than 2,500 meetings across seven product lines for a software Client — generating more than $150 million in pipeline opportunities and a 90:1 ROI. Driving new revenue and increasing profitability by isolating accounts with the highest proclivity to buy based on market need — that’s the BAO competitive advantage.

BAO has changed the way high-tech organizations go to market, giving marketing professionals like you unmatched insight into your target audience’s buying behaviors — and the power to focus your efforts on exactly the right prospects at the right time.

We talk directly to the accounts you’re targeting, conducting live market research profiles to uncover purchasing plans, pain points and current infrastructure. And with the BAO Intelligence Center, you and your team will have 24x7 access to that insight — a custom, real-time, segmented view of your target market including who’s buying, what they’re buying, when they’re buying and what the sales team needs to do to win the deal — right at your fingertips.

With that level of market intelligence, you’re armed to create better, more targeted programs in the future. You’ll know exactly:

  • What messages to deliver to which prospects at what time.
  • How to educate individual prospects along their buying journey.
  • Where your competitors’ solutions are installed — and what pains and challenges those users are experiencing.
  • What the sales team needs to do to win the deal.

In short, with BAO's lead generation services, every campaign that goes out the door will reach true prospects — people who are serious about purchasing a solution like yours in organizations that meet your infrastructure, timeline and budget criteria.

The proof of our programs is in our Clients’ success. We generate more than $10 million in pipeline daily for leading high-tech and services companies. Learn more about how BAO is changing the way companies go to market with Advanced Demand Generation (ADG).