Red River Case Study
Going Further, Deeper and Wider into the Federal Market
Learn how Red River leveraged BAO’s government experience to go further, deeper and wider into the Federal market to the tune of more than $1.7 million.

Information on BAO for Public Sector

“New IT initiatives continue to be a huge priority for Public Sector organizations, with the Federal Government averaging $66 billion of IT spending each year. The question is: where will those dollars go; to which organizations; and for what projects? Uncovering real sales opportunities that are ideally matched for your company’s services/solutions can mean significant, and immediate, revenue.”

There’s a staggering amount of opportunity in the Public Sector, but even the best sales organizations don’t have the capacity or resources to capture it all. Marketing to the Public Sector — widely recognized as one of the most complex and difficult to sell into — requires years of experience, months of research and a network full of the right connections.

Timing is everything — you have to know when contracts are being negotiated, when new IT initiatives are being rolled out, when expanded budgets have been approved and when buying decisions are being made. But maybe your organization is spread too thin to take that on. Or maybe you don’t even know where to begin. The opportunities are out there — but you can’t capitalize on them if you don’t know how to locate them or maximize them.

That’s where BAO comes in. BAO has the manpower, the experience and the access to quickly help your team gain traction where data, time and resource constraints have held you back. Our Public Sector practice provides you with the insight and expertise to uncover real, open opportunities within your target accounts — from Federal agencies to state and local organizations, K-12 to higher education, or a combination of all of these.

We complement your internal rolodex by getting on the phone every day with decision makers to find out their purchasing plans and what’s driving those activities. We make sure that your team isn’t chasing the wrong opportunities — spinning their wheels with cold calls, instead of nurturing and signing deals. And, we get you in front of immediate sales opportunities with a high proclivity of closing and closing soon — making sure that you’re there first, before your competitors.

There’s a reason why so many leading high-tech and services companies rely on us to expand their Public Sector footprint. We have more than 15 years of experience generating revenue within the Public Sector — translating to more than $10 million of pipeline daily for our Clients. It’s all we do day in and day out, and nobody does it better.

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